Month: November 2016

Denver to Experience The Impossible

By Veronica Lee:

Singer songwriter Haley Bonar is to return to Denver with a new album, Impossible Dream, and an opportunity to offer new and old fans alike an amazingly intimate experience at Larimer Lounge. Mile High Feedback had the opportunity to interview the delightful Bonar before her performance this Wednesday and get to know her on a bit of a different level.

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Sad13 is Taking on Girl Power in 2016

By Veronica Lee
Saturday night, in the middle of a long weekend of delectable treats and decadent desserts, Denver got another sweet treat in the form of a pop delight. Unsure as to what the turnout may be, I arrived at Larimer Lounge to find the room already buzzing with anticipation of anything other than turkey and football. Family time had worn off its welcome, to many, and we were ready to jump back in to feminist pop rock with depth, and an excellent danceable charm.

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Love Calms All Fears

By Veronica Lee
As fall slowly turns to winter, the chill in the air doesn’t hold back the fans from lining the staircase of the basement entrance. The Soiled Dove Underground is located below The Tavern at Lowry, a venue with a diverse music scene one would not expect just below an upscale sports bar and restaurant. Entering the dimly lit space, the room is filled with conversation, none straying too far from the topic of the thing that happened the day before.

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