1/20/17 Seth Walker @ Walnut Room, with Reina del Cid

By Alan Sperry

Seth Walker plays his music with a slight smile and a gleam in his eye. Playing a set filled with righteous tunes, Walker took the audience through his style of Bluesy Jazz.


Walker featured songs off his current release Gotta Get Back(Sept. 2016). Born in North Carolina and classically trained by musical parents, Walker has a relaxed way about him. He oozes enjoyment and is so comfortable up on stage doing what he was born to do, Entertain! Walker has also spend time in the music hubs of Austin and Nashville, and has landed in New Orleans with his Jazzy sound combined with an Americana feel. Walker keeps and active schedule and  fans hope Denver is on another run.

Believe the hype! Seth Walker is one cool cat!

Check out his video for High Times here.


Out of Minneapolis, Reina del Cid opened the show at the Walnut Room in Denver on Friday night with a Folk Rock flavor.


Backed by Toni Lindgren on guitar and Andrew Foreman on stand-up bass, Del Cid captivated the eager listeners as she told stories and gave a history of the music. She sang songs from the current release, The Cooling, and also older songs, including a smooth rendition of her song, Expiration Date. She also covered Tennessee Waltz, which she insisted was the best song ever written. She nailed it.

Del Cid said they’re about halfway done with their next release, so look for that later this year.

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