1/27/17 Steel Panther and MF Ruckus at Fillmore Auditorium

By Alan Sperry

Steel Panther is the sexiest band in America (especially Lexxi) and the most sexist. It’s been the same old shtick for years. Steel Panther is rude, crude and lewd and hilarious.

Their talent is not overshadowed by their act. You either eat it up all night, or you leave early because you didn’t know what you’re getting in to or you can only handle about ten minutes of their 13 year-old brains in action. They are definitely not for everybody. For those that thought the Steel Panther show was too much, MF Ruckus was the rock experience that made your night.


Whereas Steel Panther’s Glam Metal, Hair Metal performance was a bit labored, MF Ruckus hosted a Rock party. Watching these guys truly having a blast on stage, enjoying every second they had, was inspiring. Aaron Howell, in his Fringed Phoenix jumpsuit, took vocals, Tony Lee was on lead guitar and flew in from Chicago for the show, Parker Clark-Whitton was also on Lead Guitar, Logan O’Connor made love to his Bass, and Ty Blosser blasted on Drums as they cruised through their set of Rock Metal music, even needing some assistance after exploding one of the drums.

Their set included rocking original tunes Gasoline (For My Party Machine), You Ain’t Nothin’ Special and Jesus Hellraiser Christ. MF Ruckus’ cover of Thin Lizzy’s Cowboy Song was also a highlight. They wrapped up their session with a crowd favorite, Balls of Steel.
Steel Panther, from LA, tried to clean up the mess of fans left in a pile from MF Ruckus. They wanted more! Now!

Follow this link to see the MF Ruckus Slideshow.

Michael Starr soaked panties on Lead Vocals, Satchel melted faces on Lead Guitar, Lexxi Foxx managed hair products and Bass, and Stix Zadinia slapped and smacked the Drums. They started with Supersonic and went right into the anthem tune, Gold Diggin’.

The Fillmore Auditorium was packed with a wide range of listeners. Some were decked out in wigs and spandex, and some fans in the front row waited in the cold weather for four hours to ensure their spot within std-catching and insult-taking range.


It was an awesome night of fresh music from MF Ruckus and the same old potty jokes from Steel Panther.

Follow this link to see the Steel Panther Slideshow.



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