2/17/17 Dustin Pittsley Band at Ziggies in Denver

By Alan Sperry

All the way from Tulsa, OK, the Dustin Pittsley Band brought together a room full of fans, drinkers and wanderers, and made them all friends for the CD Release party at Ziggies in Denver. Nothing beats being at the right place at the right time.


Hot off a trip to Memphis for The International Blues Challenge, Pittsley had the band dialed in. Dustin Pittsley impressed with vocals and guitar, Donnie Wood boomed on bass, David Teegarden Jr. hammered on drums, and Chris Kyle tickled the keys.


The band played previously released tunes including Palm Trees and Trailer Parks, The Ocean, Old Friend, and started the show with I’m at Home. Dustin Pittsley Band seemed at home on the stage at Ziggies in Denver, one of the first places they played when they starting making the trek many years ago. Songs they played from their most current album included Just Enough Time, Where I’ve Been, For The Ones We Leave Behind (vid) & Satellite (vid).


Dancers rested up and quenched their thirst during the first set, checking out the Dustin Pittsley Band. Some people knew and had seen the band before. One guy had a Dustin Pittsley Band CD from 2005. But it sounded like many were first-time listeners and fans of the Blues. Pittsley did not disappoint as he hit the audience with a triple  of his heart-felt lyrics, vocal abilities, and adding in his tremendous guitar playing.  And wouldn’t ya know it? The dance floor filled up during the second set. What an awesome talent! The Dustin Pittsley Band traveled a lot of miles to bring their music to Colorado for the weekend. Get out and support this amazing group of musicians.

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