Lo Moon’s Atmospheric Experience

Larimer Lounge experienced the atmosphere of Lo Moon last week on Valentine’s Day; more to come soon from the musicians of LA based touring band.

By Veronica Lee

Lo Moon promised an ethereal experience, and that is what was brought to Larimer Lounge on Valentine’s Day. Earlier this month, Mile High Feedback had the opportunity to hear directly from lead vocalist and songwriter for Lo Moon, Matt Lowell. The band is currently on tour with band MUNA and vamping up the live show for a long list of festivals and performances this spring and summer. We learned about the process of writing their debut album, set for a hopeful release in early fall, as well as the excitement of the live shows and its deliverables. While their debut and only released single is still gaining momentum, the rest of the set is filled with similar yet distinctly different offerings. As a singular impression, Loveless is the only recording that can be found from the band, a risky song to set as the example. However, their live show offers more of what would be considered “traditional songs”, and while the 7-minute experience of Loveless wrapped up the night’s performance, more straight forward song writing made up the majority of the set list. Yet, nothing compromised the essence of what Lo Moon is truly about capturing; atmosphere. Each song swelled with the conceptual build of an experience and caught the room by pleasant surprise, offering precisely the ambiance that they were going for. On close watch, Lo Moon has the attention of anyone who they cross paths with, and can definitely anticipate great response from the upcoming album.


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