MUNA Met With Love From Denver

Lovers and singled united in mutual admiration for band Muna at Larimer Lounge in Denver on Valentine’s Day. See slideshow below!

By Veronica Lee

Bands form and disassemble as quickly as winter has turned to spring here in Colorado. And yet, on occasion, there are a few that pass through like a wave of something new and fresh. Forcing one to take pause, MUNA put on a spectacular performance at Larimer Lounge on Lover’s Day, February 14. MUNA is LA based Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson; they claim the genre dark pop and explore the melding of activist themes and sensuality. The female fronted trio have already caught a following before their first national tour even began and packed the place.  With the debut album About U released just days before the Denver performance, rows upon rows of fans looked on with an excitement to sing along to the already familiar tunes. Commenting on  the downside of the touring life, lead vocalist Gavin shared that even though they were tired and all had various degrees of being sick, Denver provided more than they could have hoped or expected. True, the love and admiration generating from the crowd was palpable and every ounce of energy was shared between stage and audience. Hip swaying melodic dance pop filled the Lounge and the musicians and producers made their impression. This is only the beginning of what MUNA has to offer and we expect to see a lot more of them!


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