SCARLET SAILS; “Boy You’re Wrong” Video,‘Future From The Past’ Album Due Out April 10th

With exactly one month until the release of their debut full-length album, Future From The Past, New York City-based piano rock band, Scarlet Sails, are making strides.

Their official Kickstarter campaign, touting impressive rewards from limited edition deluxe vinyl to drum lessons from the talented Brian Viglione, is nearly half-funded. They’ve had great reception to their first single, “Boy You’re Wrong,” an angst-y record with impassioned lyrics juxtaposed by beautifully delicate string and piano instrumentation. The chorus hits and you feel the bold, self-confidence of Olya’s message about wanting to connect with someone, “You say you don’t need me, but boy you’re wrong!”

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, vocalist Olya Viglione shared, “It’s about wanting to connect with someone from within, but not being able to trust. Having gone through dark life experiences and having relationships with the wrong people, you only learn how to build walls and play games instead so you won’t get hurt. This song screams for a break away from false pretense and painful old patterns and dares you to deal with your real feelings so you are able to break free.”

Today, Scarlet Sails have teamed up with the boundary pushing, lifestyle tastemaker, LADYGUNN, to exclusively premiere the official “Boy You’re Wrong” music video. Full of drama, conflict, passion, rage, love, and more, the beautiful visual adaptation of the song directed by Anneliese Cooper will transport fans into Scarlet Sails world.

Scarlet Sails are the creation of stunningly beautiful and talented Russian-born singer/songwriter Olya Viglione and her husband, Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione, Their sound rests in this perfectly balanced place of classic and modern rock, showcasing their signature style with subtle nods to iconic artists like Bowie, The Ramones, and Led Zepplin – they’ve been said to sound like, “if Queen and Alice Cooper were to remake Okay Computer.” Brooklyn Vegan described Scarlet Sails single “I’ll Be There” off their self-titled EP as, “dark piano pop that’s not a million miles away from Dresden Dolls’ world, and it’s got a wailing guitar solo that sounds right off classic rock radio.”

Joined by band members Mark Kohut (guitar) and Jesse Krakow (bass), Scarlet Sails are preparing for the release of their debut full-length album, Future From the Past, due out April 10th. The album tells Olya’s story, her journey to the states from Russia and the adventures, both good and bad that she’s faced (see Psychology Today article for full story). “It all comes together – New York’s melting pot of cultures, rhythms and tones, dreams that come true, fears that get in the way, the future that was destined to be, the past that defines the course, and the present that gets created on the way – all in the songs that I wrote throughout past 7 years that I lived and breathed here – played by a kick ass band and recorded at Atlantic Sound Studio in Brooklyn by Grammy-winning production team, Nic Hard and Diko Shoturma, and mastered by the legendary, Greg Calbi.”

1. As I Am
2. Ready or Not
3. Boy You’re Wrong(video)
4. I Found A Boat
5. Precious Times
6. Spell My Name
7. One, Two (FEAR)
8. Everytime
9. Alive
10. Butterfly
11. Another Chance
12. Out of Tune
Scarlet Sails Tour Dates:
3/25 – BSP Kingston – Kingston, NY (w/Luis Mojica, Scott Helland)
4/28 – Pitney Pub – Galloway, NJ*
4/29 – Bowery Electric – Manhattan, NYC*
5/1 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD*
5/2 – “1985” – Wilmington, DE*
5/3 – Roxy & Dukes – Dunellen, NJ*
5/4 – ONCE Ballroom – Somerville, MA*
5/5 – Geno’s Rock Club – Portland, ME*
5/6  – Blind Moose – Bloomfield, CT*
* – w/Radiator King

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