3/12/17 Grayson Erhard and Ian Ethan Case at Soiled Dove Underground

By Alan Sperry

The Meet the Beast Tour features two excellent guitar players, Colorado’s own Grayson Erhard and Boston-based Ian Ethan Case.


Both artists showed off their guitar-playing talents at the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver on Sunday night. Erhard told stories, kept hecklers at bay, and played the heck out of his guitar. Erhard’s vocals filled the venue as he captured the audience’s attention with hands-over-the-top guitar playing and guitar tapping to keep the beats popping. The biggest responses from the listeners were when Erhard played an older song, Tapestry, when he told his Stevie Wonder story, and when he played a newer song, Karma. Erhard is a quality instrumentalist that mixes melody and lyrics into a complete blend.


As soon as Erhard was done with his amazing set, Ian Ethan Case, picked up his double neck guitar and started his amazing show.

See more photos here. 

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