3/23/17 John Craigie at The Walnut Room, with Holly Lovell

By Alan Sperry

HomeVibe Presents and the Walnut Room took out the tables by the stage to make more room for music fans this Thursday night. It turns out that they needed the extra seating for the SOLD OUT John Craigie show. John Craigie is no stranger to selling out venues all over the country, but we’re not sure if he’s been to every state (one of the statements made for 2 truths and a lie). The fans were attentive, active, and all-out entertained by Craigie and the opener, Holly Lovell.


Denver native and Aussie-land musician Holly Lovell started the show with her Alt-Rock/Folk tunes. Lovell loaded the room with her soulful sounds. She mentioned that she has a band, but this time it was just Lovell and her guitar. With a mix of stories and songs, Lovell filled the room with her amazing voice and beaming smile.  It was a great start to an amazing evening of Singer/Songwriter performances.

3/23/17 Holly Lovell video; Baby, Did I Let  You Down?

If you’ve never seen or heard of John Craigie, you need to get on board. Craigie’s artistic style captivates crowds as he takes listeners on an oscillating excursion through humor and heart-felt lyrics. Craigie started his Folk/Americana set with a song about the day after the election and about a performance he had that night. He had the crowd in agreement that when some political parties are in office, it’s a boon for songwriters as opposed to when things are happy and going their way. He also warned the gallery that he had new music to share and wouldn’t just be playing the hits, in which the ever-humble Craigie mentioned he wasn’t quite sure what those were. Make no mistake, he has a long list of songs that he’s been playing for years. Those would be the hits. The ones that people want to hear and sing along with. The hits also includes songs that cause the gathering to break out in uncontrollable laughter, like his song, Pictures On My Phone. Craigie also pulled on some heart-strings as he performed Burn That Dress, As Tragic, and I Am California.

Positive Heckles Here>>>>> 3/23/17 John Craigie video; Bucket List Grandmas


Other songs off the newest release, No Rain, No Rose, included Rough Johns, Bucket List Grandmas, and Michael Collins. Crowd favorites included I Wrote Mr. Tambourine and Woodstock Baby. His showed also concluded with a touching tribute to the recently passed Chuck Berry. Look for John Craigie to return to Colorado this summer.

Click here to see a slideshow of more pictures of the show. 


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