Girls to the Front II

In the second installment of female empowered music with a focus on creating a safe space for female fans, Girls to the Front was held at The Marquis last night in downtown Denver. See slideshow below!

By Veronica Lee

Punk shows are notorious for not only being a mecca of mosh, it’s also considered a Boys Club, with the majority of bands being fronted and backed by men. However, this is not a full and accurate representation of all people that rock out to punk! Local artists, punk and rock alike, saw a need to create a space where female fronted bands and female fans of punk can collide and be a fun and safe event for all.

LaRissa Vienna and The Strange headlined the event with support from Corner Girls, Cheap Perfume and Aeon Hymn. Also on the bill was the band Princess Dewclaw, who organized the evening. And in true punk rock spirit, moshing was present, yet kept to the back to provide the promised fun and safety for all.

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