LaRissa Vienna and The Strange

LaRissa Vienna and the Strange are a spooky rock band from Denver that took over the second annual Girls to the Front punk show at the Marquis in LoDo last night.

By Veronica Lee

One thing can definitively be said about LaRissa Vienna, she is small in frame and stature but has no problem being the boss on stage and in her band. LaRissa Vienna is born and bred in Colorado, and she fronts local Denver based band LaRissa Vienna and The Strange. spend more time on the road than they do in their own local clubs and bars.

While being from the mile-high city, these self-proclaimed spooky rockers spend more time on the road than they do in their own local clubs and bars. LaRissa has been writing music for the better part of a decade, and at the age of just 23, that’s pretty much most of her life. Fellow bandmate and guitarist Nick Workman has been with her for the length of that journey, and they have since ditched a fake keyboard player to make room for a unique blend of musicianship. On violin, Vanity Welch, is classically trained and brings the spook and backing vocals effectively while drummer, Luke Wolff, comes from a jazz background and embellishes on the kit freely. Rounding out the band, Aaron Mendoza, on bass brings a lush fullness and depth to the sound to this rock band.

LaRissa initially writes all of the music, even down to violin parts on the piano, and then challenges the band to build upon the foundation she has laid to make it even better. This formula is a success, as hundreds of Colorado fans filled the room at The Marquis, and sang along to favorites like single Break the Spell off of their latest EP Make the Pain Pretty. After the success of tonight, the band is ready for a bit of break from road life and feel it’s time to focus on what’s next.

Currently, LaRissa is finishing writing and recording the upcoming debut full-length album and a national tour is set to promote. If tonight is any indication of the journey The Strange has embarked upon, it’s clear the buzz is building and the best is yet to come.

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  1. Hey there! Just read your article on Larissa Vienna and the Strange! Wondering if y’all are contracted for shows or if you just go to shows you would like to see! Either way I’m looking to get some coverage at my next event and loved the way the article was written.

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