Sleigh Bells tours Jessica Rabbit at The Gothic

In the sleepy outskirts of Denver metro sits one very busy music venue, and last week Englewood was visited unapologetically by a whirlwind of flashing noise and light.

By Veronica Lee

In a thrilling combination of strobe lights, heavy guitar riffs and soaring vocals, Sleigh Bells puts on an intense experience unrivaled in the noise pop genre. Hooks that alternate from head banging to bursting danceable energy, not a moment escaped the audience at The Gothic Theater. The audience swayed and pulsed to the beats that Sleigh Bells hit, and they hit them hard. The duo, made up of vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller, are on tour to promote their most recent 2016 album release, Jessica Rabbit. They played a well-rounded set of fan favorites like Infinity Guitars and a robust selection of new songs like I Can Only Stare and the short yet powerful Loyal For. Sleigh Bells wrapped up the evening in Englewood with the crowd mandated encore and left them still chanting for more. Without a doubt, we can expect to see a lot more of Alexis and Derek in 2017.


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