4/15/17; dBSound.CO, Kevin Mileski, Brian Allison at The Walnut Room

4/15/17; dBSound.CO, Kevin Mileski, Brian Allison at The Walnut Room

By Alan Sperry

HomeVibe brought together a group of amazing musicians with Chicago connections on Saturday night at The Walnut Room in Denver.


Brian Allison, www.brianallisonmusic.com, is a big man with a big voice and he was up first. He indicated that he had some trouble adjusting to the altitude in Colorado, but that didn’t stop him from making a ton of new fans as he showed off his singer/songwriter abilities and guitar playing prowess. His songs included As Good As It Gets, Show Me How To Love You, You and I, and Burning Bridges. Allison also played No Way Out (video),  a song that he said he’ll be releasing soon. He threw in an awesome Maroon 5 cover of Sunday Morning and finished his set with One Night. What a cool start to the night!

Mike Ligon from HomeVibe brought up Allison Foley between sets to talk about the Learn to Fly Project. Check it out.


Kevin Mileski took the stage next for his Acoustic Awesomeness. Mileski told stories and shared smiles as he sang songs that included Cafe Brioche, Better Run (video), Gonna Be a Better Day, Not What I Expected (video) and Hope’s Alive. It was standing room only in front of the stage as the listeners packed the venue.


The headlining band for the night was Decibel Sound Company, dbSound.CO., which is comprised of Denver’s Brad Huffman on guitar and vocals, Dave Tamkin on acoustic guitar and vocals, Neil Ross Hebbert on bass and vocals, and Matt Dougherty on drums and vocals. Kevin Mileski also was part of the set, playing keys. Tamkin led this collective of musicians through the newly released Dave Tamkin EP, playing Demons and You, Roller Coaster, Amber, Love Hope Strength and Mary. Tamkin and the rest of the musicians were in the groove with much energy and positive passion. Tamkin never lost his big grin and seemed to be in his element. The band supported Tamkin as they played other songs including Dave Tamkin classics Little World, Drift(video clip), Cedar, Underlining Skies, Bring Me Back, Relish, and Missing On You.

See the slideshow here. 


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