BATTLE TAPES Drop Hypnotic Video for Highly Anticipated New Single, “No Good”

There’s a transcendental sound pulsating out of the City of Angels, birthed into existence by electro synth rock band, Battle Tapes. They have crafted a signature style, merging musical influences with pop-leaning hooks and yielding infectiously catchy tunes. Their songs have been tapped for TV, film, and video games, most notably, they’ve been featured on Girls (HBO), Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games), Now You See Me 2(Summit), and Need For Speed 2015 (EA Games).

Battle Tapes are currently putting the finishing touches on their Form EP, due out on June 9th. Today they have partnered with Huffington Post to announce a string of tour dates at the beginning of this summer and unveil the video for the first single from the project, a hypnotic dance party gem entitled “No Good.” When asked what inspired the alluring video, Josh Boardman (guitar/vocal/synth) shared “Making a video is something that I’ve always shied away from – not for any particular reason, other than the fact that it’s way more complex and daunting than creating static artwork. When I started to develop a visual theme for this phase of the band, it was important to make sure all the dots connected across the board – music, artwork, web, videos. Once I started on the artwork, I could see how the graphics could cross over nicely to a music video, which inspired me to finally overcome my hesitation and see what I could come up with.”

Watch  “No Good” on Huffington Post here:
Tour Dates:
5/30 – ​Los Angeles, CA​ – ​Satel​l​ite
5/31​ – ​San Francisco, CA​ – ​Brick and Mortar
6/1​ ​- San Francisco, CA​ – ​DJ set at Different Fur Party
6/2 –  Portland, OR – Alberta Street Pub
6/4 – Eugene, OR – HiFi
6/5 – Seattle, WA – LoFi
6/10 – Vancouver, BC – Railway
Battle Tapes is an electronic rock band from Los Angeles formed in 2010 by Josh Boardman (vocals/guitar/synth), Riley Mackin (keyboard/vocalist), Stephen Bannister (bass), and Beak Wing (drums/percussion). Since their inception the band has released two EPs: Sleepwalker (2011) and Sweatshop Boys (2012), followed by their first full length album, Polygon, on November 20th, 2015. Battle Tapes began their ascent in 2013, when their song “Feel the Same,” was featured in Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V.

With a new EP on the horizon, Battle Tapes will be releasing more groundbreaking music and taking their captivating live show on the road soon.


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