4/28/17 Herman’s Hideaway; Set Lists/Stage Hygienics

Benny Carl from The Tip, is in total control when he and his band take over the stage.

It was Myles Baker’s second show playing guitar with The Tip. How he ended up with set list duty is unknown. Myles had started to put the set list down at the bass of Benny’s mic. Set lists from the other bands that had played were up by that area as well. Myles gently positioned The Tip’s set list on top of two others. Well, Benny was having no part of that and directly crumpled up the other bands’ lists and threw them into the trash at the end of the stage. Unnoticed by many, but this subtle management set the tone for Benny and The Tip. The stage was clean. The stage was theirs. Read more about their set here. 


Here are set lists from the trash:

Filthy Heathens



Thief River



And the set list from The Tip



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