Harper Grae; Former Glee Project Cast Member Harper Grae Releasing New Single, “Free” Available Now For Pre-Order, Releases May 19th

Harper Grae will officially release her new single, “Free,” on May 19th

as well as make available a special bonus track now. Produced by Ethan Brewington and Josh Barker, Harper wrote the song with Grammy award-winning songwriter Femke Weidema.

The bonus track for those who pre-order the song is the raw, acoustic version of the high energy single, as well as special artwork. Pre-order here and then either post a screenshot of the order on any social media platform and tag @HarperGraeMusic or email the screenshot to contact@officialharpermusic.com to receive the track and art.

Following the release of her debut single, “Hell or Highwater,” and its music video, Harper was added to CMT‘s Artist Discovery Program, named one of the 10 Artists You Need To Know by Rolling Stone Country and also added to the nationally syndicated radio show Crook & Chase‘s Artist Discovery spotlight.

Because of her exposure on the popular TV show Glee Project 2, Harper attracted a solid fan base that has followed her to her new career in country music. On the show, they met a young woman with a big voice and a survivor’s attitude and approach to life.  Her music reflects that same code.

They heard her sing everything from country to rock to pop, and her music continues to reflect that.  Her roots are country but her music is typically high energy with a youthful vibe.

About Harper Grae

Harper was born Shanna Elizabeth Henderson on the 4th of July in the cradle of the South, Montgomery, AL. From the beginning, the young girl lived a life of contradictions and uncertainty. Her maternal grandparents, Ann and Roger Harper and her aunt Dianne Harper stepped in when it became apparent that Shanna’s parents were unable to raise her and her older sister. The circumstances of her childhood would later define who she was to become as a songwriter and artist. And the name change to Harper was to honor her grandparents & aunt while Grae represents an acronym that stands for God Redeems All Equally.

She was raised by the Harpers in a small Alabama town called Reeltown, just down the road a piece from Auburn University, where she would eventually attend college, audition for a TV show (and win the role) and set out on a course that took her from a small town to a world stage.  But there were many obstacles to overcome along the way.

As she explains it, growing up in a small town is both a blessing and a curse. Everybody knows who you are and your business, which in many cases is a good thing.  But when small-minded people determine who you are based on who your parents were, it’s not so great. Harper has always pushed past the boundaries society has placed around her and strives to inspire others to do the same.

While in high school, she was a member of the Honor Society and softball team; a swimmer and she played tuba in the high school marching band. At Auburn she studied Musical Theatre and Religious Studies.  When she heard there were area auditions for a new TV show attached to her favorite show Glee, she was determined to get into those auditions.  And she did, eventually auditioning for show creator Ryan Murphy (Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Glee).  She got the part in Glee Project 2 and moved to LA. The talent competition companion to the hit Fox TV show Glee was a boon for the small town girl and excellent training for her eventual path into the music business.

“It was like speed dating,” she said, citing the extremely short amount of time they had to learn a song, shoot a music video and shoot the scenes for the show. “It was the best training I could possibly have.  Plus, the music was diverse.  I auditioned with a Carrie Underwood song, and on the show performed everything from Whitesnake to Lady Gaga. That’s all right up my alley when I think about my influences.”

Following her time on Glee Project, she moved to Nashville for a number of reasons—its proximity to her beloved grandparents and aunt, its musical diversity and its small town in a big city feel. Plus she had heard about the close knit community of musicians, songwriters and singers, and felt it to be a good fit.

“While it hasn’t been easy, and I have had to work really hard just to make ends meet, I feel like I am finally finding my sound and my voice.  Getting to write with some of the best songwriters in Nashville has taught me how to craft a really good story song as well as speak out on the things important to me. I can also write about the experiences that made me who I am today, and that’s really been empowering for me.”

Following the release of her debut single and music video for the song “Hell or Highwater,” members of the media began to take notice of the young woman with the big voice. CMT added her to its Artist Discovery program, Rolling Stone Country named her one of the Ten Artists You Need To Know and the nationally syndicated radio show Crook & Chase listed her in its own Artist Discovery program.

Harper is currently working on her debut EP, which is set to be released summer 2017.  For more information, please visit: https://www.harpergraemusic.com.

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