5/13/17 FOXTRAX and Barns Courtney at Bluebird Theater

FOXTRAX’s first trip through Denver was a success.

Indie Rock Trio, FOXTRAX, had Ben Schneid on Vocals and Guitar, Jared Stenz on Bass and Jon Stenz on Drums. They are following their path, promoting their debut EP, The Cabin, and finishing up a tour with Barns Courtney. Music listeners at the Bluebird Theater in Denver on Saturday night dug their groove.


If Schneid would have deemed it a stage diving night, he would have been saved from hitting the floor by all of the new fans. FOXTRAX had the audience clapping along and enjoying the party.


These young guys have a lot figured out about life and living your passion. It shows on stage as they cruised their set with unending energy.

Listen for FOXTRAX to be funking up the music on the next EP release and look for them to have their own headlining tour soon! (Coffee and/or Tea companies to sponsor?)

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From England, singer-songwriter Barns Courtney closed out the show with outright command of the stage. He exploded onto the stage and captured everyone’s attention with dynamic guitar playing and crooning with righteous lyrics.


Look for big things to come for these musicians.

Also heard at the show about Barns Courtney: “That bloke could be the next Ed Sheeran.”

Indie Rock Trio, FOXTRAX, are thrilled to unveil their cover for Harry Styles’ song, “Sign of The Times.” 

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