Everclear is Everstrong

Everclear just passed through Denver, hitting up a sold-out Summit Music Hall in Lodo. Check out the slideshow and review below!

By Veronica Lee

Throwback Saturday? It was definitely a thing as Everclear headlined an evening of late 90’s alt rock heaven at Summit Music Hall in Denver. While currently on their So Much For The Afterglow 20th Anniversary Tour, Everclear is joined by Vertical Horizon and Fastball to really get the timewarp machine going. These guys hit the stage last weekend and performed to a sold out crowd, and it felt like just yesterday that we met them in Santa Monica. Playing So Much For The Afterglow from top to bottom, the energy in the crowd pulsed with nostalgia and excitement as song after song was executed to an impressive perfection. Wonderful, I Will Buy You A New Life and Father of Mine were just a few amongst the entire album of intensity, depth, vulnerability and rockability. Time has not done Everclear any worse for wear, and in fact, they put on a better show than they may have even in the past. Youth and maturity are beautifully blended together as the band exercises their veteran status with vigor and remarkable intention from top to bottom.


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