Livin’ The High Life with the Rough Cuts

The Outlaws of Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts have done it again.

By Veronica Lee

Syntax Physic Opera received a rough kick of country rock & roll Friday night as Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts gave a killer performance to a packed house. While claiming Denver as their stomping ground, the Rough Cuts draw the roots of the south directly in to each and every moment. From cowboy hats to two-steppin’ boots, Ryan Chrys leads this pack of not-so-misfit musicians and are force to be reckoned with.

The release of their newest album, Shovel Full of Coal, may have been the cause for celebration last night but these guys don’t need a reason to showcase their badassery.  As they played the tracks boasting of country life, comradery and good times, they showcase their ability to play good ol’ country songs while delivering an experience that is as solid as it is interesting. Cheers and toasts around the room of fans, family, friends and industry connections clang from the pride and excitement that these guys are the real deal.

Their exquisite placement of tough and resonating guitar with opulent melodies and dynamic lap steel intertwines and delights. Steady beats with interesting and unexpected breaks into hard and wailing guitar solos keep the energy high on stage and amongst the crowded dance floor. This band is consistently pushing the boundaries of country rock & roll and fans don’t need a reminder of just how great The Rough Cuts are. The skilled musicianship and “Modern Outlaw Country” persona propels this local favorite from the road of great to greatness in a leaping bound.



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Check out Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts at Herman’s Hideaway earlier this year!

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