VAMPS at The Bluebird, 5/24/17

The Bluebird was taken to the Underworld Wednesday night by VAMPS. 

By Teresa Humphreys

This bloodsucking Japanese band is currently on their second U.S. tour and made a stop here in Denver last night.  To say VAMPS has a huge following in Japan, is a gross understatement.  They consistently sell-out shows in Osaka and Tokyo.  VAMPS has quite a large following of fans here in the U.S. who have traveled from their home in Japan to see them perform in these intimate settings, like the Bluebird.  Here in the U.S., these fans are more able to obtain concert tickets and get closer to the stage.  Its groupie taken to an entirely international level.   But who can blame them when this talented bunch puts on a theatrical performance.

HYDE walks onto stage draped in his black cape and rocks.   It’s the dark beats & lighting, in addition to the rock-n-roll rebel lyrics that make their fans embrace the VAMPS trance throughout the night.  K.A.Z. and Ju-ken are both stage-front and consistently rocking guitar and bass.  Their new album, Underworld, recently dropped and last night was a great combination of both their older songs and newer music.

For this writer, Break Free, Underworld and Rise or Die were a few of the tracks that won’t soon be forgotten.  VAMPS seemed to be reminiscent of Motley Crue for both their theatrics and old-school rock-n-roll.  They may not draw the large number of crowds in North America (yet), like they do in Japan, but once again, these young bloods have left their talented bite marks on Denver.


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