MHF Guide to Surviving a Metallica Concert on a Week Night


By Teresa Humphreys and Eric Gruneisen

It’s been nearly ten years since heavy metals top dog, Metallica melted the faces off Colorado music fans. Coming this Wednesday June 7th all that comes to an end when Metallica headlines a show at Mile High Stadium.

With the length of time that’s it’s been since Coloradans have partaken in such an event we thought it would be a good idea to put together five quick tips to Surviving a Metallica Concert on a week night. Here’s what you need to know.
1. The roads are on fire! Literally! Take a shuttle or better yet, utilize public transportation such as RTD Light Rail. Both Uber or Lyft are easily available all over the city. Use the buddy system because let’s face it, Denver traffic sucks. Especially if you plan to drink or utilize some of the Mile High City’s finest flower, then be a responsible Metalhead.
2. Bring your patience. First, Remember Metallica has not performed in Denver for nearly a decade so expect massive crowds and very long lines. And second with the unfortunate events happening in Europe targeting concert-goers, expect extra delays and longer security lines than usual.
3. Be prepared like a Boy (or Girl) Scout) for Colorado weather. Dress for summer, but pack a hoodie, gloves, hat, scarf and a pancho. Colorado weather is as unpredictable and can change as quickly as Trump’s administration.
4. If you must indulge in some of the Mile High’s finest, we recommend Dank (no we are not getting paid for this endorsement). They have some of the highest quality product, most knowledgeable people and the prices are reasonable for the high quality product.
5. Enjoy this legendary band and don’t be a douche and video the entire concert with your silly little smart phone. It ruins the experience for others around you. (It’s not all about you!) And you’re essentially stealing by way of copyright infringement. Besides Metallica hasn’t been to Denver since 2008! Sure, take a few photos, but then rock out with your fellow Metalheads.

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