Review: Black Stone Cherry at the Bluebird

Blackstone Cherry 2017-17

By Eric Gruneisen & Teresa Humphreys

All Photos by Eric Gruneisen

Black Stone Cherry brought their Kentucky high power driven energy to Denver on a Monday night to the Bluebird Theatre.  

The band is currently on tour in support of their fifth studio Album, Kentucky, which was released in April of 2016.

Blackstone Cherry 2017-14

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They wasted no time intoxicating the fans with their song Devil’s Queen from, their 2008 Folklore and Superstition album. Starting off what would be a nearly 2 hours of kick-ass hard- hitting rock’n’ roll.  Elevated on stage, front and center, the band was backed by Blackstone Cherry 2017-8the forceful drumming of John Fred Young who plays and performs at a level unmatched by most drummers even pointed out by the lead vocalist, Chris Robertson at one point in the show as “the best living drummer in the world” and watching Young play live, it’s hard to disagree.  He plays with such force and intensity, that brings down the entire Bluebird theater.  Not only can Young jam on the drums, he’s also one hell of a harmonica player too – all WHILE simultaneously rockin’ the drums.  This jam session can only be experienced live and in person.  With Denver’s amazing music community this band’s performance  leaves one to wonder why Black Stone Cherry is not playing to a larger audiance in bigger venues when coming to Denver.  If not on your list of must see live acts, from what we saw we must say you might wanna take the time to give them a listen. But live is where its at with BSC.  

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Blackstone Cherry 2017-20There are many great things born and bred in Kentucky: bourbon, bluegrass, the Derby, just to list a few, and Black Stone Cherry can definitely be added, but one of the questions we asked each other leaving the venue that night was, why aren’t these guys more popular?  They seem to have a very large following in Europe, but very small by comparison, in their own home country.  Considering their talent, raw energy and cross-grunge-metal style, the support for this band would seem endless, yet in reality it’s still quite bismal.

Blackstone Cherry 2017-5

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Tour Dates


Denver Setlist

  1. Devils Queen
  2. Soul Machine
  3. Bad to the CreekBlackstone Cherry 2017-22
  4. Darkest
  5. Killing
  6. Trash
  7. Whole/Cheaper
  8. Mary Jane
  9. In My Blood
  10. C?
  11. Bind Man
  12. Drums
  13. Rambler (acoustic)
  14. Stay (acoustic)Blackstone Cherry 2017-12
  15. Boom Boom
  16. Train

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