6/27/17 Jason Eady @ Soiled Dove Underground

Jason Eady is an incredible talent and he’s ticked off. 

By Alan Sperry

Jason Eady (www.jasoneady.com) turned 40 years old and he’s out on the road making a living. He’s seen Country Music’s nosedive where talent-less young pop stars are taking over country radio and filling stadiums. He explained that fans come out in droves to hear what they like; Eady just wants the Country label back. Eady is a true country music musician with a Classic County sound. He sings drinking songs, leaving songs, and songs about lying.


Eady and his band started the show with Drive, a song off his currently release Jason Eady (itunes).   Other songs they played off that new album included Waiting to Shine, Barabbas, Rain, Black Jesus, No Genie in This Bottle, Why I Left Atlanta, Where I’ve Been, Not Too Loud and 40 Years. A buzz was created when Eady explained that he wrote Rain while in Colorado and when he told the story of Black Jesus as the most autobiographical song that he didn’t write.


Eady knows how to write great songs and he also knows how to take over the stage and sing those songs he’s lived. There’s passion in his performance. Add in his Southern Country voice and you’ve got a Country Music superhero creating his legacy. He explained that Country and Blues are the same; just different versions of each other.


Jason Eady took vocal duties and played guitar, Jerry Abrams played the bass and harmonica, Giovanni Carnuccio III banged the drums, and Kevin Foster played guitar, fiddle, dobro and mandolin. Everyone played acoustically and it sounded incredible. Eady explained that it was different here than playing in the honky tonks. People were here to listen and even engage the artist with a little back and forth banter. After he played 40 Years, he went off the set list and snuck in another recognizeable song, Cry Pretty.


Other songs that Eady and his band played included This Old Guitar And Me, Go Down Moses, Promises in Pieces, Liars and Fools, Bear Creek, Whiskey & You, Evangeline, Wild Eyed Serenade, Judgement Day, Back to Jackson, God Fearing Blues and Texas Cooking.

The encore included AM Country Heaven and FM Country Hell, as he explained his pain with the Country music label being misused, OK Whiskey, a song about another type of pain; the pain of drinking 3.2 beer when the higher alcohol content of whiskey will do do do.

The final song of the evening had Eady speaking of heroes that have passed and about the ones that are still alive. He chose to end with a song from one of his heroes and biggest influence. They ended with Willie Nelson’s Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.

Eady will be back in Denver on July 23 to play at the Walnut Room.

See more pics of the evening from the Slideshow here. 

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