Exclusive: New Music! Venture Still, Play Grow Shine


New Single: Play Grow Shine

With Lyric Video!

Venture Still is debuting new single Play Grow Shine, off their upcoming EP, EXLUSIVELY with Mile High Feedback in a fun new lyric video!

In the latest single, Play Grow Shine, Venture Still tells of a journey and delivers a message everyone can relate to. Coming out of the darkness, embarking on new adventures, and the excitement of creating a story worth sharing. Play Grow Shine is an upbeat and optimistic embracing of fortuity and friendship. From amidst the ruins of failed relationships, heartache, and pain, Play Grow Shine arises as a promise of solidarity and unification through collective hard work and passion. Keep going, never give up, and rely on the strength of true friendship despite the obstacles that lay ahead.

“Nothing is ever perfect, the only thing we can control is how we react and handle the situations and hardships that come our way. We are choosing to rise from the ruins and keep going. Keep venturing, still…” – Chris Carter, vocals & guitar

Play Grow Shine is the second single from the upcoming debut EP, to be released this fall, and offers a window into the lives of the creators. Venture Still is the crafted creative endeavor of musicians and friends Chris Carter (guitar, vocals), Rob Wiberg (bass) and Elvin Holderfield (piano). Through tumultuous times of freshly ended romantic relationships, friendships torn apart, untimely relocations and career and life-path changes, Venture Still found solace in the connection through their shared passion for music and new beginnings. They offer a strong message of hope to anyone that may be suffering or having trouble finding inner strength and motivation to keep persevering.

“We have all risen above, and not let our struggles keep us from doing what we love.” – Rob Wiberg, bass

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE, on Mile High Feedback!


Venture Still is based out of Ft Collins, CO and offers an eclectic and unique blend of musical genres. Drawing from classical and jazz music, all the way to alternative and pop influences, they consistently deliver an upbeat message of hope. The creatively catchy songs weave in acoustic singer/songwriter melodies with funky bass lines while adding brilliant and nuanced classical piano parts and new age synth tones. The chemistry that exists amongst these talented musicians captures and entices, and they have the remarkable ability to play in a vast variety of music environments to great response. Venture Still acquires fans across all musical tastes and interests; from the streets of their hometown to packed houses in the biggest rooms in Colorado, their love of the music they create translates and transcends.


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