DIANA at Larimer Lounge

Based out of Toronto, Canada, DIANA stopped by Denver and propelled Larimer Lounge into full submergence of bright, airy and delectable pop songs of love, the tug of war of uncertainty and owning the turmoil that exists in between.

By Veronica Lee

As the days are long and hot, crowds seek refuge and evening entertainment post July 4th shenanigans. Larimer Lounge is one of those places that guarantees a good time, with an ample beverage selection, an open back patio full of seating and casual conversation, and a great spot for live music. Wednesday’s selection is Toronto based DIANA, currently on tour after the release of their second album, Familiar Touch.

DIANA, originally the collaboration between drummer Kieran Adams and saxophonist Joseph Shabason, cowrote and essentially completed the entire first album with the intention of expanding the project. The two were joined by vocalist Carmen Elle and released the debut album, Perpetual Surrender, to positive feedback and a sparked intrigue in what the trio could create together as they solidified their sound and aesthetic. In November of 2016, DIANA released their second full length album and have found their stride with Familiar Touch.

As part of their West Coast Tour, DIANA is traveling and performing as a 6-piece and fills the rooms with sound and charm. Elle takes front and center, offering not only a pure voice and fresh face, but anecdotes and stories of their travels and jokingly renames the band to LINDA, the lesbian daughter of Rocky Balboa. Joking aside, though, DIANA’S mid tour stop at Denver’s Larimer Lounge saw them cranking out a high energy and absorbing pop-synth dance party.

A throwback to 80’s pop synth, these songs are heavy in danceability with hooky choruses while showcasing strong jazz influences through the bass beats from the classically trained Adams and Shabason. Songs like “What You Get” and “Confession” showcase the vulnerable and honest retrospective and sometimes regretful swirl delivered in the sweet and poignant melodic by Elle. The diverse and atmospheric set brings the audience into the world of DIANA, a surprising and pulsing blend pop, soul, and electronica and leave them hanging on every line.


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