7/7/17 Rival Sons and Nate Cook (of The Yawpers) at Gothic Theater

Fans packed Gothic Theater on Friday night for an awesome display that brought out many Denver-area musicians to witness this Rock & Roll event.


Local musician Nate Cook of the Yawpers started the party with some fun covers that had people laughing and singing. Cook started with Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds and surprised listeners at every turn including the Cheers theme song, Where Everybody Knows Your Name. Cook was entertaining and showed off his chops with powerful sounds. By the end of the night, everybody knew his name, Nate Cook.


Rival Sons, out of Long Beach, California, headlined the night with solid Rock sounds. Rival Sons had Jay Buchanan on vocals, Scott Holiday on guitar, Dave Beste on bass, Michael Miley on drums and Todd Ögren-Brooks on keys.


Rival Sons is doing their best to keep Rock & Roll alive. They have a Classic Rock sound with a Bluesy influence. They are talented musicians with a very tight sound.


The set list included Hollow Bones, Tied Up, Electric Man, Secret, Pressure and Time, Where I’ve Been, Face of Light, Torture, Open My Eyes and Keep on Swinging.


Rival Sons play in Telluride tonight and then they head to Europe for month-long tour. Check the Rival Sons website for more info on the band, www.rivalsons.com.

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  1. Rival Sons at the gothic best show ever front row the great Gunslinger Scott holiday best vocals Jay Buchanan Michael sticks Miley Dave Beste laying down the Bass Todd Ogren- Brooks great keys and best Beard in the room would recommend anyone to go see Rival Sons come back to Colorado real soon

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