Breaking the Chains with Dokken at the Buffalo Rose 7/7/17

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By Teresa Humphreys and Eric Gruneisen

All Photos by Eric Gruneisen

After reading so many negative reviews online about Dokken’s live performances, we were anxious to see them for ourselves. This metal band has been around since the 70s and gained commercial success in the mid and late 80’s and are still on the road rocking Dokken 2017 Web Ready-13their classic hits today.  

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The Buffalo Rose had turned into cougartown mixed with gray haired hippies that haven’t seen a hot shower or a razor blade in decades.  This place was packed, 600 plus Metal Heads on hand, some still sporting the classic metal look with long stoner hair and jean jackets. The Buffalo Rose still left room for some newer fans rockin’ out to the music that most of us rocked out to courtesy of MTV, back when they still played music of course. See all the photos

Dokken 2017 Web Ready-35The best part of attending a Dokken show in 2017 was hearing some of their old classics like Breaking the Chains and Into the Fire.  Don Dokken rocking the lyrics and all the 80s hair was epic.  Another treat was seeing and hearing founding member Mick Brown jam on the drums on the same stage as Don Dokken.
Brown who has spent time in bands with Ted Nuggent and former Dokken Guitarist
George Lynch’s “Lynch Mob” since the breakup of the original line up in 1989.  Replacing Jeff Pilson on base was Chris McCarvill.  Chris’s  stage presence seemed to dominate the Dokken 2017 Web Ready-26visual performance of the band, the guy was born to be a rock star and it was very entertaining to watch him do his thing on stage.  Rounding out the lineup and taking the place of the mighty George Lynch was Jon Levin who took over the lead guitar spot in 1998.

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Once taking stage, Don Dokken informed the crowd that they planned to play a nice long set list which did not disappoint, as they hit just about every song that was popular back in the day that made the playlist of every rock station around the world.  And yes, their rotation of music videos that was once found on that little tv station MTV.  

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For more information on Dokken’s current tour visit their website.


Set List:


  1. Don’t Close Your EyesDokken 2017 Web Ready-29
  2. The Hunter
  3. Kiss of Death
  4. Into the Fire
  5. Breaking the Chains
  6. Dream Warriors
  7. Just Got Lucky
  8. Alone Again
  9. Maddest Hatter
  10. Too High to Fly
  11. Will the Sun Rise
  12. It’s Not Love
  13. In My Dreams
  14. Tooth and Nail


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