Michael Franti & Spearhead Red Rocks 7-13- 17 – Love Out Loud tour 2017

Franti 2017-48

BY Teresa Humphreys

All Photos by Eric Gruneisen

It was so Good to be Alive Today at Red Rocks this past Thursday night taking in Michael Franti & the Spearhead. This wasn’t just entertaining, this was an epic spiritual Franti 2017-24experience. This was my first time at a Franti & Spearhead gang concert and admittedly, I was only familiar with a few of their songs but was utterly blown away at their presence on and off the stage. More Photos

Franti 2017-45Even before Franti took to the stage it was the crowd on hand that was the show!  With a pre show dance party that got the energy flowing and the entire sold out venue in the mood for live Michael Franti and Spearhead. Michael Franti opened with Hey Hey Hey and the Rock exploded to life. 

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Knowing a little bit about Michael Franti, this barefoot peace loving hippy, I expected him to get a little preachy between songs, but was completely wrong. On the contrary, I was captivated by how he spoke from the heart about writing his music and where it originates. When he spoke of writing Hello Bonjour and of his son growing up and Franti 2017-35moving away it was touching. He also spoke of one of his charities, Do It For the Love and providing opportunities for disabled veterans and chronically ill children to attend concerts. He wasn’t preaching, he wasn’t asking for anything, he was just speaking about his own experiences through his music.
Michael Franti moved off stage, guitar strumming in hand, and up the stands into the crowd and continued to perform. Up approximately to row 25-30, he moved from one side of the Rock to the other and continued to play.  
Franti makes you forget about all the stress in life. This concert was about the music andspreading his message of love.  It was as if Franti himself  brought his sound along with all his energy to be apart of a very special show at Red Rocks.  Hands down one of the best crowd experiences backed up by the incredible venue of Red Rocks Ampitheater.  We experienced a pretty spectacular night.

Franti Crowd 2017-37 

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  1. Hey Hey Hey
  1. Yell Fire (partial)  Stay Human (All the Freaky People)
  1. The Sound of Sunshine
  1. I Got Love for You w/ I still Haven’t Found what I’m looking For (with Trevor Hall)
  1. My Favorite Wine is Tequila
  1. Hello Bonjour (with Taimane Gardner)
  1. Good to Be Alive Today
  1. Summertime Is In Our Hands (B Stage)
  1. Get Myself to Saturday (B Stage)

  10.We are All Earthlings (B Stage)

  1. Life is Better with You (with Taimane Gardner)
  1. Enjoy Every Second
  1. I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)
  1. 11:59 / Hello / 11:59 / Black Hole Sun outro
  1. I don’t Belong
  1. Say Hey (I Love You) (with Taimane Gardner)
  1. My Lord

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  1. There is nothing like a Franti show. My daughter and O have been following him since she was small. We’re from BALTIMORE!!!It is all love.

  2. This is a must see for us. When ever They get close to Humboldt we go. It’s a beautiful night but be warned you will fall in love with those around you.

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