7/27/17 Bent Knee at Larimer Lounge, with Poor Bodhi and Tolstoy

Bent Knee, based out of Boston, Massachusetts, toured through Denver on Thursday night,

bringing their unique style of Pop and Rock. Before Bent Knee played the hot box which was Larmier Lounge, two local bands opened the show and gave listeners an incredible opening.


Before you feel bad about Poor Bodhi only having two fifths of their band at Larimer Lounge, you should hear Jenee Donelson’s powerful voice. The ghost of Billie Holiday was listening and smiling. Supported by Casey Clark on Guitar, Donelson filled the room with awesome sounds and feeling. It’s not surprising that Donelson comes from a musical family. She said that she would listen to her grandma sing Opera when she was younger, but it was unanticipated that she has only been singing for 6 years. Aside from having to imagine the drums playing, it was a Funk-y start to the night with songs such as Your Bible Is Missing Pages and song about dating and not being a Side Piece.


Up next was Tolstoy’s Indie, Alternative, Ambient sounds.  Tolstoy was fronted by C.J. Welch on Guitar and Vocals, and had Dan Salisbury on Drums, Toshi Jamang on Guitar, Preston Nogar on Bass and Tyler Ackert on keys. Tolstoy formed in 2014, have added a couple more musicians, and had new songs to play for the numerous fans in attendance. Songs included Eurydice, Sterile, and Empty Things among a few others. These guys had a great time on stage, playing their songs, focusing their craft and enjoying every minute of the spotlight. East Coast Tour next year? Tolstoy made Colorado Christian University very proud.



Bent Knee had Larimer Lounge pumping during their set. The lively crowd came out to see these artists in full force.  Playing their songs from Land Animals, Bent Knee had Courtney Swain on Vocals and Keys, Ben Levin on Guitar, Chris Baum on Violin, Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth on Drums, Jessica Kion on Bass, and Vince Welch working Production and Sound Design.




Bent Knee’s songs are keeping things positive while overcoming trials and tribulations of life. Denver showed Bent Knee that they appreciate their style and what they are doing. A return trip is only thing that will keep the adoring fans in check. The only question is when. No matter where they go, they will find listeners that are ready for their unique style and attract lifelong fans. Check the Bent Knee website, www.bentkneemusic.com, for more information on their music and tour. 

See the slideshow for more pictures. 

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