7/30/17 Chevelle at The Fillmore Auditorium, with Dinosaur Pile-Up and Black Map

The Fillmore Auditorium had a bit of a 90’s feel on Sunday night and three bands came ready to rock. 


Dinosaur Pile-Up, www.dinosaurpileup.com,  had a look and sound reminiscent of Nirvana. It’s a Grunge Revival from the UK. Dinosaur Pile-Up had featured Matt Bigland on Vocals and Guitar, Michael Sheils on Drums and Jim Cratchley on Bass, as they are on tour supporting their Eleven Eleven record.


The crowd was ready to rock out on Sunday night and filled up the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.  Read more about the Dinosaur Pile-Up Tour here. 


Black Map out of San Francisco, kept the 90’s Rock aura going. Featuring Ben Flanagan on Bass and Vocals, Chris Robyn on Drums and Mark Engles on Guitar, Black Map pushed their latest release, In Droves as they rolled through their set. Find the set list in the slideshow. They instructed concert-goers to jump up and down like it was done in the 90’s on the last song of their set. Check Black Map’s website for more information, www.blackmapmusic.com.


Chevelle, formed in 1995, and hailing from Chicago, Illinois, had Pete Loeffler on Vocals and Guitar, Sam Loeffler on Drums and Dean Bernardini on Bass. Fans filled the floor area, the sides, the balconies, the whole place on a Sunday night to hear the righteous tunes of this Alt-Rock trio. They were not disappointed and tired listeners today are getting through their work day by remembering the fun from the night before.

See more pics on the slideshow here. 



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