8/19/17 Daphne Willis, Dave Tamkin & Brad Huffman of Decibel Sound Company, Larry Nix at Walnut Room

An immense party broke out Saturday night with a wide range of musical sounds and talents at The Walnut Room in Denver.

Dave Tamkin & Brad Huffman of Boulder-based Decibel Sound Company filled The Walnut Room with solid guitar playing and righteous tunes.


Tamkin cruised through the upbeat set with songs that included Only Traffic, Fly Me, Little World, and Mary, among others. With just the two members of their band, Tamkin and Huffman displayed a John Mayer feeling on the stage.


Larry Nix from Alabama and now living in the Denver area, crooned Western/Country with a strong, deep tone. Check out a video of a song Nix wrote for his new daughter.


Daphne Willis of Nashville finished off the night with her combinations of Pop, and Soul. Willis was supported with a full band that filled out the different sounds of the set. Songs included I Will Be Waiting, Do What You Want, Take My Time, Dopamine and Forgiveness. Despite numerous requests to repeatedly play Somebody’s Someone , Willis only played that once. She took the attentive audience on a ride through songs and tales. She even traded a fan a shirt of a pair of Eclipse-watching glasses. It was a fun night filled with amazing musicians.

See the Slideshow for more pics of the evening.

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