8/26/17 Mary Fahl at Soiled Dove Underground

Singer/Songwriter Mary Fahl, from Rockland County, NY and now living in eastern Pennsylvania, graced the stage at Soiled Dove Underground on Saturday night.

Bringing her expressive, emotional style, Fahl gave audience members lessons on her 90’s band October Project, life with love, and her adoration towards her husband.

Fahl explained that her style was described as Goth-lite, but she thinks it’s more of a “Thinking man’s Abba” feel. Fahl started out the set with her good luck song, Deep As You Go.

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Return To Me was next. Fahl chronicled growing up in an Irish-German family where not many compliments were given and explained that she was singing before she was speaking.  She also sang Wild Is The Wind and a song written for her husband, Gravity (Move Mountains, Turn Rivers Around). She dazzled on stage the remainder of the set, with amazing vocals, light humor and touching lyrics. Visit www.maryfahl.com for more information and upcoming shows.

Read more about Mary Fahl here. 

Watch the Mary Fahl video; Gravity

Watch the Mary Fahl video; Everything’s Gonna Be Alright


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