1/22/18 The Wombats at Gothic Theatre, with Nation of Language and Future Feats

A freezing cold night could keep fans of UK giants, The Wombats, away as the band sold out the Gothic Theatre in Denver on Monday night.

Based out of Liverpool, The Wombats are pushing their upcoming release, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (iTunes), playing an extended tour and selling out venues across the US. Murph, Dan & Tord tore up the stage as they played their Girly Indie Music. The Wombats started off with Cheetah Tongue, the cardinal tune on the new album, then went into Give Me a Try, off Glitterbug.  The Gothic Theatre was filled with great energy and devotion as adoring fans young and old were singing right along with all of the songs.



Find the full set list in the slideshow here.

It was a bloody ripper! Not bad for a frigid Monday night.


Catch up with The Wombats on their website, thewombats.co.uk.


Early-arriving listeners were warmed up by the trio Nation of Language, out of Brooklyn, New York. If a frenzy of convulsions was a language, the lead singer of Nation of Language, Ian Devany, was speaking in tongues as the band powered their New Wave/Synth sounds with an 80’s vibe.


Future Feats is a high-energy, Indie Pop band out of LA.  It was their first show with The Wombats on this tour and they played like they needed to prove that they deserved to be playing in front of the sold out crowd. This band hit hard with catchy anthems and had the audience singing along.



To say that new Future Feats fans were made in Denver is an understatement as doe-eyed Double X’ers, the front row galley of under-aged girls, went crazy for this band.

Check their website for more information, www.futurefeats.com.


See more pics on the slideshow here. 


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