1/26/18 Seth Walker, High Times in the Mile High, with Paul Kimbiris at Walnut Room

Playing his second show on the Seth Walker U.S. Winter Tour 2018, Walker and his band mates captivated the crowd at the Walnut Room in Denver on Friday night.


Slinging Americana & Blues sounds out of Austin, TX, the New Orleans native Walker shared his marvelous vibrations and sterling stories with the audience. One story explained that Walker and his music could be put in a Catchy genre as well. His music was infectious and had onlookers whooping and hollering as well as dancing around, feeling the groove.

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Supported by Ben Teters on percussion and Myles Weeks on bass, Walker’s songs included A Love Story In Reverse, 2 Feet Left Of The Ceiling, Way Past Midnight(vid), High Times, as well as the popular Lay Down(River of Faith) and More Days Like This.


Walker also showed adoration for Willie Nelson by singing Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain and old-time Gospel music with Up Above My Head.


For more information on Seth Walker, check his website, www.sethwalker.com.

Read more about Seth Walker and see his videos for High Times and Back Around here. 

Opening the show was Paul Kimbiris from Boulder. Kimbiris told of adventures of songwriting as he cruised through the entertaining set. He spoke of Mexico and L.A. hotel rooms and included tunes about love and heartbreak. Kimbiris spoke of his misfortune of having songs on TV shows that end up getting canceled after one season and also included a song called Russians, a protest song by Sting.


Look for Paul Kimbiris’ release of his second CD at eTown in Boulder on May 12.

See more pictues on the slideshow here.

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