3/10/18 Lucius at Boulder Theater,with Ethan Gruska

Based out of Brooklyn and L.A., Lucius is slinging their Indie Pop sounds and selling out venues across the U.S., including Boulder’s show on Saturday night. 

Lucius is comprised of Jess Wolfe, Holly Laessig, Dan Molad and Peter Lalish.


Fronted by Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig with their skillful harmonies and luminous stage show, Lucius entertained the capacity crowd and one lonely ghost with a heavy does of songs from their most recent release, Nudes (itunes). Lucius received tremendous cheers for songs such as Woman, Something About You, Feels Like a Curse, Eventually and One of a Kind. It was a little awkward when Lucius performed Don’t Just Sit There, since the Boulder Theater had assigned seats for this show and everyone was resigned to hand-clapping and seat-dancing. The crowd showed their appreciation by dressing up as twins and platinum blonde wigs and it didn’t go without notice. For more information on Lucius, check www.ilovelucius.com.

See more pics on the slideshow here.


Singer-songwriter Ethan Gruska out of L.A. started the show. Promoting Slowmotionary(iTunes), Gruska enthralled the captivated crowd with mellow sounds. Gruska told of true stories about his songs and crooned about Dialing Drunk and how the internet can be too much. He also sang about where he’s from and about driving through the valley in California. He gave a shout-out to all the bad-ass nurses and a brand new song, only penned the night before about being your own worst enemy, Attacker. Gruska handled the keys and guitar, but his best instrument is his captivating voice.

Follow Ethan Gruska on his website, www.ethangruska.com.


Read more about Lucius and see some Lucius videos here.

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