By Eric Gruneisen

  “We’re gonna go really big for this Bluebird show, and we can’t wait to rage properly with the CO fans on this one!”

Yep, those are the words straight from Aqueous’s Mike Gantzer.  “Ay-kwee-us” is how it is pronounced.  Well Aqueous! Challenge accepted!

  Aqueous’s improvisational rock style has earned them a reputation as one of the most promising acts on the scene today.  Made up of  four long time friends, that  is where they place credit for the bond of what they say is “of near-psychic proportions,” for their abilities to groove at a high-intensity level as well as jam a mix of laid back exploratory jams while live on stage.   

  The band kicks off its four month tour in Baltimore on March 22 and will hit Denver in late spring with a headline show slated for June 9th at the Bluebird Theater.  Note photo for the poster that celebrates the event.  An event that has a certain buzz lingering over the show here in Denver. Gantzer stated this about playing in Denver, “Denver is by far one of AQ’s favorite cities to play music in; Colorado just seems to totally get it, and some of our favorite sets of the past year have gone down out there.”

  According to the activity on the announcement of the show via their facebook page, the Denver show is a stand out show on the tour for them and is receiving positive feedback in return from the Denver community on that post.

Tickets are $15.00 and go on sale this Friday, March 23rd and can be found on the Bluebird website.

For more information about Aqueous please visit their website.

For more info on the Bluebird Theater please visit their web page.

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