Phase: Verite

Since the release of Verite’s 2017 debut album, “Somewhere In Between“, she has been on radar here at Mile High Feedback. Currently on the road supporting Eden’s worldwide tour, Verite made a stop here in Denver on Mar 20, and left us under her spell.

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By Veronica Lee

The best songs get stuck in your head, and develop and shift in meaning and personal connection over time. Verite has mastered that trick, and “Somewhere In Between” has been on my must play list since. One thing that has always been a standout is her ability to turn a song with lyrical complexity into caliber club dance hit. Her songs are intriguing, straight-forward enough to push the message but broad and vague in the way that allows space for the listening to attach their own meanings.

Pulling from the arsenal of emotional and personal exploration, she played some heavy hitters like “Saint,” “Bout You,” “When You’re Gone,” and “Phase Me Out.” The night was woven with the stories of a woman growing up and navigating through complicated relationships and finding self-empowerment.

Just as well known for her original tracks, she is also an expert remixer. The 1975’s hit “Somebody Else” has become a setlist staple and one of her top listened Spotify compositions, and the cover of Sufjan Stevens “John My Beloved” is a beautifully crafted piece.

Mile High Feedback is in Phase: Verite and loving it.

Currently on the road promoting her latest release, the 2018 Somewhere In Between (The Remixes)” and supporting hormonic-dance group Eden, Verite performance was a stand out and a pleasant surprise to the unfamiliar.

Also, check out her latest op-ed piece about the record industry and being indie in Forbes Magazine, “Spotify Isn’t Killing The Music Industry; It’s A Tool For Enterprising Indie Artists.”


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