Rage Rocks 2018; Lettuce, The Floozies, The Funk Hunters, Jaw Gems, Live Nation Fu*ks Up Red Rocks Seating

Lettuce turned Red Rocks green on Friday night. Oh sure, the Fake News tried to tell everyone that pollen was rolling down the foothills, but Red Rocks concertgoers know what the haze is billowing over the hills. And then Live Nation goes and funks up all the seating; turning each person’s seat into a dance floor. The weather was perfect and the performers came ready to blast the Rage Rocks party.


From Portland, Maine, Jaw Gems (www.jawgems.com) put their Drip Hop/Ratchet Jazz on full display as they opened the night with a righteous vibe as concert attendees were entering the iconic venue. Jaw Gems played a short set to open Rage Rocks, but they showed they were more than just a one-hitter, playing a handful of songs to get the people dancing. See more pics on the Jaw Gems slideshow.


The Funk Hunters, (www.thefunkhunters.com) showcased a soulful Canadian DJ duo, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith. The Funk Hunters hand-whipped the knobs and spun the records as they brought out a couple of guest singers to keep the party pumping.  See more pics on The Funk Hunters slideshow.


The Floozies (www.flooziesduo.com), from Lawrence, KS, kept the beats going as Matt Hill was featured on guitar and vocals and brother Mark Hill was on drums, and add in a brass section. These guys seemed to be in the moment and enjoying every second. Their set ended in dramatic fashion, as Matt took to the ground at the front of the stage to work over his guitar. See more pics on The Floozies slideshow.


Legendary Lettuce, (www.lettucefunk.com), out of New York, had Adam (Shmeeans) Smirnoff  on guitar, Adam Deitch on drums, Erick (Jesus) Coomes on bass, Ryan Zoidis on sax,  Eric Bloom on trumpet, and Nigel Hall on keys and vocals. Lettuce kept the Funky flow going. See more pics on the Lettuce slideshow

It was a rager from start to finish. Sidenote; After the show Live Nation had all of the individual dance floors removed immediately after the show.

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