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Rose Hill Drive Resurfaces for 2017

By Veronica Lee
2016 was a memorable year; one of fear and change. A year of conversation and action, of politics and community. But most notable was this the year of art and of music. The end of what many are claiming to be one of the worst years in history, there are so many who do not agree. Out of the depths of the unknown, anything can grow and flourish. Fresh starts are sparked, reunions of lovers and enemies are explored, and comebacks are strengthened and inevitable. And tonight, on the eve of 2017, Rose Hill Drive is up to something new; embarking on a journey and writing their own history. The guys rang in the New Year in Ft Collins with a killer lineup and a bleeding passion that is sure to set in motion their best year to come.
Rose Hill Drive was more than welcomed to the stage; they were met with anticipated buzz and gorwing chants as the lights slowly dimmed. Jacob, Daniel and Nathan ushered themselves to their appropriate spots and confidently picked up their instruments. They’ve done this hundreds of times before, and yet tonight felt different. Coming from Larimer Lounge in Denver just weeks before, Daniel claims that to notably be the most fun performance the guys had ever played. They are suredly amped and ready for round two. Shattering the silence with the opening lines of Americana, the room was set into a forward motion as the stage was rushed and voices sang along to the lyrics. Striking heavy bass lines, crushing guitar solos, and high-energy artistic beats on drums, this is yet an even stronger representation of the skill and showmanship these guys have been perfecting during the 5-year hiatus. Song after song, playing old favorites and introducing new music, not a single moment was to be missed. These guys have an intense and readable love of what they do, and their impact on the psychedelic rock community is only just beginning to surface.
At the midnight mark, the countdown from 10 to 1 began, as couples reached for familiar hands to hold and lips to kiss upon the stroke of midnight. Significant others of the bandmates rushed on stage to bring in the year together, and in that moment, Jacob bent down to one knee and offered an open ring box to his lady. In shock, she stared and muttered unreadable words of astonishment, and with no hesitation she leaned in and kissed him with a yes! A beautiful moment for the couple and an awesome sight for everyone else to partake in witnessing the joy of what’s to come!
Playing well in to the new year, the diverse lineup of original material is an endless stream of rock and roll paradise. Playing fan favorites as well as new songs, the audience formed the head banging dance circle from beginning until the very end. “Rose Hill Drive” was heard on the lips of old and new fans alike, and in an urgent patience, they will wait until the band resurfaces again with a vengeance in 2017.
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Party All Night with SF1

After weeks of anticipation, Larimer Lounge saw a favorite return just before the holiday. No stranger to entertainment, performer and radio host SF1 put on an all-out, max-energy can’t-stop-dancing show at Larimer Lounge on Thursday.

Denver native Shane Franklin, better known as SF1, has been combining his love of music and dance since before high school. After pursuing ventures with other local artists, he found his home with the current Crew and has continued his pursuit of hit-beat making next-level entertainment.

SF1 and The Crew produced songs as noteworthy as the Grammy nomination considerate AutoPilot and just released a new song, Ferris Wheel, under Sony Music Entertainment. SF1 is a Denver must see, the show doesn’t stop until he says it does. And just like the hot track off his album Xclusive, get ready to Party All Night.

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Ciders in RiNo for a Cause

Monday night saw the one-year anniversary of the increasingly successful Songwriters Showcase at Stem Ciders in RiNo. The concept started after an inspired vacation by local musicians Kenzi Everitt and Jason Barteck of Kinesics. The two began this monthly tradition here in Denver after seeing a similar offering in Maryland while on vacation. After some brainstorming and venue shopping, the pair agreed that Stem Ciders offered not only the stage but also the correct ambiance. And now with a year of growing by word of mouth, the events bring in a packed house and enough interested participants that slots are now booked through March of 2017.

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Rose Hill Drive lit a blaze to Larimer Lounge

With weeks of anticipated buzz, Rose Hill Drive played to a sold-out Larimer Lounge last night. Admittedly, the band was unsure of the expected turnout, however 5 years off from playing and -7 degree weather couldn’t keep this audience away.

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Hell’s Belles; Denver Experiences Sin

By Veronica Lee

Warning: This article is a total first person geek-out moment.

As a photographer and writer, I get the opportunity to go to some awesome shows. From each venue, to the fans, to the musicians playing, every experience is unique and offers not only a personally gratifying opportunity but also the chance to capture something for the fans and artists. Arguably, from what seems to be since birth, I have been a fan of music. There are very few genres and styles I don’t like and few concerts or festivals I haven’t enjoyed. However, there are definitely some that stand out as being favorites, and Friday night at The Oriental, I had one of those nights. Knowing I was seeing Hell’s Belles, an “all-female AC/DC cover-band”, I admittedly went in with a few expectations. I anticipated an awesome light show with heavy guitar shredding, a niche market of fans and some badass ladies that put on a good show. While all of my assumptions were correct, I was blown away with witnessing so much more.

The first opening band, The Sparkle Jetts, were definitely the right choice to get the night kicked off. They were able to get the small yet growing audience out of their chairs and down on the floor to dance and get the buzz growing. Next, there was the extremely energetic Hot Apostles, enmeshing a bouncing rhythmic rock bass with enchanting vocals. Again, a solid performance by a classic rock touch that any local Denver metal fan should seek out.

As the night progressed and the Hot Apostles wrapped up, the lower level standing room only area in front of the stage was beginning to fill. In my experience, this means once the headliners arrive on stage there would be no room for me to wiggle in; I had to snag my spot now. I was fortunate enough to find my way next to Mike, a once upon a time casual attendant at a show of Hell’s Belles 10 years ago. He shared with me his story; he thought it would be an entertaining night of songs that he recognized and kind of a cool thing to do with his daughter, who was 16 at the time. Now 26, his daughter Kylie and himself were now at their countless performance and attempting to fill me in on what I was about to experience. They have seen the Hell’s Belles each time they come through town, making sure to catch them after the performance for a catch-up chat, and had more information on the band mates than I could even wrap my head around. Names of AC/DC band members along with Hell’s Belles band members were starting to melt together and I was unsure at this point who I was going to be seeing… And then they entered the stage.

In a shy and demure manor, they strap on their guitars, move around their mic stands and take time to work out the drum set rearranging. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed these women were in the band if it weren’t for the audience shouting out their names and confessing their love from the start. Mike pointed out each band member, reminding me of what position or character they played, and made sure to let me know who was new vs who was a veteran. Judy Cocuzza, the drummer that plays “Phil Rudd” had been tapping each symbol and drum head, ensuring their accurate distance and resonation. Sharon Needles, a part time “Malcom”, walked on with Mandy Reed, the full time “Cliff”. Next we saw Australia’s Amber Saxon, who would be our lead singer for the evening. And finally, from the opposite end of the stage enters Adrian Conner, who is to lead guitar as “Angus”. To see and hear the excitement from not only Mike and Kylie, but the rest of the audience, I was feeling like this could definitely be worth the front row squish.

Once they started, it was song after recognizable song, executed to damn near perfection. One could easily forget this is a tribute band and honestly be entertained by true and genuine talented musicians. Judy on drums kept then energy alive while Mandy and Sharon offered great guitar skills with rounded back-up singing. Amber’s vocals were spot on and transported you to a time of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, not missing a single note or inflection. And, of course, there’s Adrian, who’s onstage performance as well as impeccable shredding skills are absolutely unmatched. From the devil horn shaped hands in the air to the flashing devil horns headbands, this was a visit to sin city. Just around the corner from happy hours and dainty dishes, this was not your traditional Friday night in the Highlands, and I was so grateful for it. Headbanging, shouts of marriage proposals and chants of more in between each song made it a downright enjoyable experience for all involved.

After the demanded encore was finished, I was met with a “SO!?” look from Mike and Kylie, and I had to admit this was definitely a show I would see again. As I packed up my gear and headed for the door, I not only “liked” the Hell’s Belles on Facebook, I shuffled AC/DC playlists on my drive home. That, in my mind, is how a millennial would mark being a new fan.

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Daniel Sproul of Rose Hill Drive; Illuminating the Possibilities

The days of a 16 year and counting career is something that seems to be of the past, a different era in comparison to the now fast-paced millennial lifestyle. An exploratory, arguably United, America of start-ups, evolving technology and endless content at one’s fingertips makes five-year plans feel ancient, almost pre-historic. To have a veteran career in the music industry, when the “next-best-thing” is already yesterday’s decomposition of the remnants of its viral explosion, is absolutely unheard of. And yet Boulder-bred Rose Hill Drive is doing just that, entering 2017 with almost two decades of experience under their belts and ready to reignite the dream they always had.

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Haley Bonar; Relieving Denver’s 8 Year Itch with The Impossible Dream Tour

It’s Wednesday night, in a venue in east Downtown Denver, and this place is no stranger to a stiff drink and a good show. The space feels reminiscent of a dive bar that you’d get a good whiskey sour with a jukebox and perhaps a pool table or two; and yet it is incredibly relevant, full from entrance to exit with a crowd ready for casual hipster with a Continue reading “Haley Bonar; Relieving Denver’s 8 Year Itch with The Impossible Dream Tour”

Denver to Experience The Impossible

By Veronica Lee:

Singer songwriter Haley Bonar is to return to Denver with a new album, Impossible Dream, and an opportunity to offer new and old fans alike an amazingly intimate experience at Larimer Lounge. Mile High Feedback had the opportunity to interview the delightful Bonar before her performance this Wednesday and get to know her on a bit of a different level.

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Sad13 is Taking on Girl Power in 2016

By Veronica Lee
Saturday night, in the middle of a long weekend of delectable treats and decadent desserts, Denver got another sweet treat in the form of a pop delight. Unsure as to what the turnout may be, I arrived at Larimer Lounge to find the room already buzzing with anticipation of anything other than turkey and football. Family time had worn off its welcome, to many, and we were ready to jump back in to feminist pop rock with depth, and an excellent danceable charm.

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