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Don’t Panic, Badflower is Here

Modern rockband Badflower is on the rise and currently touring with Goodbye June this summer. Soon to be hitting all the major rock festivals, there are complexities on and off stage, as this new band finds their way. From the hustle of getting started, setbacks like stolen gear, and current struggles within the band dynamic, Badflower is persevering and proving to be stronger than ever.

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Mike Mangione; The Why Behind The Mystery

Wisconsin based Orchestral Folk artist Mike Mangione is no stranger to hard work; having survived the grind of Los Angeles where he worked odd jobs from Java the Truck barista and carpenter’s assistant to a SAG card holding movie extra, he made enough to get his first tour on the road. About 15 years and an uncountable number of miles under his feet, Mangione is gearing up to release his fourth full-length album in the fall and finds his bliss through connection, collaboration, and family.

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SIR, Avifauna & Automatic Iris at Hi Dive

Last week, Mile High Feedback had the chance to catch some of our own and finest in action. Avifauna hosted their Album Release Party at Hi Dive with support from popular locals Automatic Iris and SIR! Check out the slideshow of these local bands and working artists!  Continue reading “SIR, Avifauna & Automatic Iris at Hi Dive”

Get To Know: Automatic Iris

Automatic Iris is the Denver based rock band collective effort of co-founders Amanda Gonulsen and Michael Saul, who met in classes at Swallow Hill. Since the original formation, Glenn Hermanson, Courtney Wilson, and Ryan Elwood have been added to round out the all-hands-on-deck rock band. Performing the opening set at Hi Dive this week for SIR and Avifauna,  Amanda Gonulsen takes some time to tell us songwriting, how 2017 is taking shape, and what makes being in a Denver band so great.
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Stu Miller, Taking Charge and Pushing the Boundaries

Stu Miller has been in the Denver music scene since the 90’s; involved in numerous projects, seen fame and fortune, toured the country, and put his guitar playing skills on the map. Now, Miller is ready to prove he is breaking all expectations and is already taking Singer/Songwriter/Professional to the next level.

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