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Spotlight Artist: Natalie Tate Isn’t Holding Back

Tucked up in the small town of Niwot, just outside of Longmont, CO, an artist that is living and breathing music resides. With a retreat style creative space, getting out of the city is exactly what was needed in order to fully immerse themselves in the art. With a drive, a focus, and a passion, many musicians can see the payout of their labors. However, there are the few, that make it to the next level. And Natalie Tate is taking her journey from local to national with grace and her heart on her sleeve.

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Spotlight Artist: Tristen

Tristen recently visited Denver while touring with Vanessa Carlton and caught the attention of Mile High Feedback. She was gracious enough to indulge some of our burning questions and offered a greater landscape of life in Nashville, the experience of existing in the climate of a divided nation, and her creative process in poetry and song.

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